Natural estrogen blockers versus pharmaceutical estrogen blockers

Estrogen is a hormone produced by the body. Despite its several advantages and functions in the body, it leads to several complications such as inflammation of man boobs and reduced testosterone levels as one ages. Hence men seeking to manage their testosterone levels may resolve to estrogen blockers. Naturally, as men age, their production and consequently levels of testosterone in the body decreases. Hormonal balance in the body is important. An imbalance between testosterone levels and estrogen i.e. a decrease in the former and an increase in the later may lead to complications such as:

estrogen blocker

Hence men with these symptoms must strive to bring back hormonal balance in the body. There are general ways of controlling estrogen levels in the body at early stages to avoid any complications. These include:

  • Losing weight- For those people considered as obese, weight loss is necessary to cut on excess fat in the body. High estrogen levels are highly linked to body fat.
  • Reduce consumption of alcohol- Alcohol affects the main two body glands that regulate estrogen. These are the liver and the kidney.
  • Increase intake of vegetables- some vegetables e.g. kale contain compounds that regulate estrogen
  • Avoid estrogen-related products- these are products such as meat and plastic food wraps that may leach estrogen into the body.

You can also resolve to estrogen blockers in addition to or instead of changing your lifestyle. There are two broad classes of estrogen blockers hence one should first consult a doctor before deciding on which ones to go for.

Natural estrogen blockers

The products discussed below are scientifically proven to reduce estrogen levels in the body

Grape seeds- They have been found to act as estrogen blockers when taken as nutritional supplements.

Nettle (wild) root- it also contains compounds that are natural estrogen blockers. It should be taken regularly.

Maca- It is mainly used to enhance fertility but can also regulate estrogen levels in men.

Natural estrogen blockers are by and large the best solution since they have negligible side effects on the person using them.

Pharmaceutical estrogen blockers

These are products that have been scientifically produced in the lab by pharmacists. They also have the same effect on the patient- to act as estrogen blockers as natural ones. However, these are used selectively depending on the condition one is suffering from hence a doctor must be involved. These products include tamoxifen and arimidex. Therefore one should determine the condition that he is suffering from before using them. These conditions include infertility, gynecomastia and low sperm count. All these conditions result from high estrogen levels.

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